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My soul, risen
Spits out fire
With a will to take to the grave
This body burns waiting for the day to divorce the light
What will I make of these bloodshot eyes?
When will my Lycan heart lust no more?
In a haze I muscled
A death-like grip
I, the host of horrors
The burden of pain
My days seem to know no end
And this body is burning again
Even in this state there is but time to think of the past, I know
Born of fist and fury
With a wide-eyed glare to make the bloodthirsty cringe
This infinite struggle
My infinite curse
What comes from here only brings misery
Ten kills a day keeps the guilt away and away
These intentions I grasp so dearly
And one day I will leave this body, torn
Destroying my monster form, this disease
Existing to breach and obliterate old boundaries
Seize the day
Seize the day
Tonight the voices scream
Of unending battles, now victory
My soul, risen
Risen to true great heights
What comes from here is not what it used to be
Forever enduring the suffering and still
These intentions I grasp so dearly
Is the beast now not within me?
I’ll go beyond
Paving a new path


from Cities of Deception, released July 4, 2008




The Horror Cast Cape Town, South Africa

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